10th Anniversary Gala

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Hua Xian Chinese Society and the Chinese New Year Festival, we are putting on a spectacular show with the Sichuan Performing Arts troupe – an extraordinary group of performing artists, acrobats and martial artists touring from Sichuan China – each showcasing incredible feats of human agility and co-ordination.

With a fun action packed show, it is the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon with the family.

为了庆祝新春佳节兼本社成立十周年庆典。当日本社邀请了来自四川艺术团,第一次在本市镇。 为大家表演一场壮观的节目。每名表演成员接受了四川专业的艺术精湛磨练,每个表演都会展示出中华艺术的灵活和协调不可思议的壮观与非凡的一系列演出。

这是一个完美庆祝节日的选择, 令到大家周末享受到前所没有的天伦乐与及一家人难忘的春节庆祝! 欢迎各界携幼扶老踊跃参加。